Do you want your toes to sparkle on your next night out? At Original Diva Extensions, we’re here to provide you with a luxurious pedicure in Las Vegas. Offering an array of exciting colors, our pedicures will excite and entice you, no matter what look you’re aiming for. Thanks to our nail technicians’ approach, we believe we provide the best pedicure in Las Vegas.

With a salon that’s right on the Strip, we have an excellent location for those of you who want to head out and party. Our opening hours are convenient too. You can walk in without an appointment or book to see one of our nail technicians at any time between 10am and 11pm, making your life more flexible.

How do I find a pedicure near me that looks gorgeous?

Do you often wonder “How do I find a pedicure near me that looks gorgeous?” At Original Diva Extensions, helping you look stunning is at the heart of what we do. At the same time, we want to ensure you enjoy a luxury experience. So, you can make the most of your pedicure by:

  • Choosing a signature cocktail, glass of champagne, or beer to go with your pedicure
  • Adding on a manicure too, which costs as little as $40
  • Choosing from a broad range of exciting colors

To make sure your pedicure in Las Vegas is an experience you’ll always remember for all the right reasons, we want to ensure grabbing one is simple. As such, you can either walk straight into our salon or call in advance to book an appointment slot.

So, why not come to us and immerse yourself in our world of pedicure luxury? To find out more about the best pedicures in Las Vegas, contact us here.