Has the time come to upgrade your nails? At Original Diva Extensions, we provide standard manicures, gel manicures, and more. With our manicures in Las Vegas, you’ll look every inch as glamorous as our dazzling city. Featuring a litany of enticing colors, our nail technicians will provide you with a manicure that’ll last and fill you with pride whenever you need to flaunt your nails.

Whether you love a gel manicure that sparkles or you’re craving a matte look with a special edge, we have a design for you. And, as though you need more reasons to come to us for your manicure in Las Vegas, our prices start at just $40. Now, you can look your best while you’re hitting the hottest clubs on The Strip, without blowing through your budget.

When it comes to gel manicures, we understand that you want yours to last as long as possible. Because of this, our manicurists use techniques that seal in their artwork. So, even after you leave our ever-bustling city, you’ll still have gorgeous results you can show off to your friends at home.

How do I find a manicure near me that I’ll love?

If you’re always asking yourself “How do I find a manicure near me that I’ll love?” we believe we have some of the answers. In addition to providing some of Las Vegas’s best nail technicians, our salon comes with the following benefits:

  • We’re open between 10am and 11pm
  • Our location on The Strip is convenient
  • We have a license to sell signature cocktails, champagne, and beer

To find out more about our manicures in Las Vegas, get in touch.